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Every Kit 

$5 will go to 

planting a

 Tree in Ontario

goal is $1500


I am Emma Pink, I am the person behind all of this! I thought I would introduce myself  and tell you what I am about! I am about ART FOR YOU! i gradated from university with a Kinesiology degree but I soon felt that wasn't the path for me. I decided  to dip my fingers and paint and guess what...i LOVED it! and what do you know emmapinkart was born.

I work with so many different types of groups. From ages 5-95 years old! My whole purpose here is to find ways to make art accessible, attainable so everyone can create!There are online videos that you can do at home, i run art classes for kids, i do private lessons with anyone! 

come and create at emmapinkart.com


#art #love #mission

art for you is art for you. you can always be the Picasso you've always wanted to be with these art projects that have you in mind! 

Make time to get creative in the comfort of your own home! 

We believe in you !


art kit

harry potter art! paper mache, paintings, turn your paint brush into a wand... 

purposeful art

art kit

purposeful art. upcycle items in your house and turn it into art!

water bottles, dirt, grass much more!

confidence builder

art kit

build confidence through art. ice cream cone can be  a magical horn or a kitty in a lion mane can gain lion confidence

I AM cards

kit and online courses

Learn watercolour techniques with these handy I AM cards. Hang them in laces for good reminders

Rhino Sculpt

kit and online courses

sculpt this Rhino and plant some nature! or put some candy in it, you make it its your call what to put in it!


kit and online courses

sculpt this purrrrfect cup to hold your brushes

spa day at home

kit and online courses

bring the spa at home with Bridlewood soap Clay mask and a self love art project.

Abstract Loon

kit and online courses

paint this abstract loon and hang it in your house or at the cottage or give it as a gift! Lots of colours and a great way to be creative!

don't stop beleafing

kit and online courses

a creative summer challenge with the local library!


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